Persimmon Energy Management Company (Pty) Ltd is the management company for Persimmon Energy VCC Ltd.


The management company will identify suitable companies to enter into long term Power Purchase Agreements.  Additionally, the following services will be provided to Persimmon Energy VCC Ltd;


•  due diligence investigation into projects

•  verify project design and costs

•  Oversee construction of the project

•  responsibility to ensure maintenance, cleaning and insurance of the


•  preparing monthly management accounts in respect of all business

•  conduct negotiations in relation to acquisition and disposal of any    



There are no additional costs for the provision of the above services to the VCC

Benefits of Investing

A fully managed process with no investor involvement required


•  Income paid quarterly in arrears from the first quarter

•  Potential for long term returns - ongoing income for 25 years

•  Targeted IRR of 19% per annual

•  Ability to exit the investment after 5 years

•  Fully managed, simple and secure investment

•  Provide a regular income

•  Help to sustain the environment.


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